• Make sure your drums have new heads if possible. You can also save a lot of headache by unscrewing your lugs and making sure they are well lubricated & not stripped. Take care of any rattling sounds like loose hardware. Moongel and Lug Locks are great investments for recording as they are cheap and make quite a bit of difference.

• Try to have someone hit the kick drum while you are out front. Does it sound hollow? You may need to pack it with something (don’t overdo it!).

• Make sure your snares are not too loose or even broken.

• If possible take your drums in to a pro shop and make sure the bearing edges are ok. If not, it will be very difficult to get them in tune.


• Also most people don’t think of this but try to picture where the engineer can place the mics. If you have your kit claustrophobically setup, miking will be difficult and take longer.


• I can’t believe I forgot this one as I’m always telling people the importance of doing it. When you are finished recording drums, create a new session and record a few hits of each drum including cymbals. Everything you used in the songs. Believe me, this has been a lifesaver many times. Whether you need to paste in a missed cymbal or supplement the drums you recorded with samples, yet you want a more natural sound, this is the TICKET. Don’t forget! Or if you record with me, I’ll remember for you ;-)

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9 thoughts on “Drums

  1. Koichiro Hiraide

    Your advice still helps us a lot on Engrave’s stage or writing songs here in Japan.
    You are the most powerful guy in my band life.
    Really hope to see you and make the great sounds together
    in California or maybe in Tokyo again,soon;-)

    Domo Arigato!!!

    1. darian Post author

      Hi Koichiro!
      I hope I can visit you again in Japan soon. Tokyo was fantastic.
      Of course I look forward to seeing you here in LA if you decide to come here. When is the next Engrave album? ;-)

  2. Aaron Yorty

    Be prepared when you get into the studio to track. Be professional, and make sure you have everything you need (sticks, heads, drum keys, etc). It’s not the producers job to supply you with items. Also be familiar with a metronome. I’m sure nobody wants to sit around a wait for you “to learn” how to play to a click track. Time is money, and trust me…..it can get expensive. Have a nice day.

    1. darian Post author

      I think google is translating this strangely. You can always contact me via the “Contact Me” tab at the top of the page ;-)


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