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Now offering music consultation via live online video! No matter where you are in the world, you can get answers to your questions about things like songwriting, arranging, production, mixing, even help with instruments. It’s affordable too!  Stuck on an arrangement? Having trouble with a mix? Not sure what to do with your studio? Send me a message via the Contact Me page.

The Guitar Recording Workshop held at Hybrid Studios, Santa Ana was a great success, we had a great time getting some hand-on time with preamps, guitars, amplifiers, pedals, mics and more! Mix Magazine online picked up the story:

I originally developed this Workshop for Italy about 5 or so years ago but that fell through so it’s great to see it come together right here in LA. More will come so contact me to sign up!

And Rabid’s song Groovy Feet is holding at at #39 on the radio charts.

Mixing with The Ride. Solid hard rock band, check them out.

Finishing up with Kill Corporations featuring ex- Death By Stereo bassist Jeff Clarke. Good stuff,

good guys.

Added a couple more pics on the gallery page. Check em out.

Happy holidays to everyone, more news and music will be out soon!

Galaxy Crusher of Indio will be mixing next week. Get ready for some crushing metal.

Mixed a record for Sonny Soto of Kauai this week, also working on an epic song with Ronnie King which will end up at over 115 tracks, wow!

It was an honor to speak at Citrus College last month. Thanks to Darian Cowgill of the Audio Production department for setting it up, I had a blast.

Keep your eye out for American Surf Skate records, mixing a band for Rob next week and his label is going to be firing out some cool compilations! Find them on Facebook.

Helping out with a little mixing for Kaleo of Pepper, again with Ronnie King in the mix– that’s the ticket to a sweet sound ;-)

Mastered a single for Oscar Hoyos from Spain, the spanish are rocking!!!

Mixing Rabid with Ronnie King on keys and producing. It was tracked in Nashville on a Beautiful Neve console so it’s a pleasure to mix. Thanks to Steve Werbelow.

Final touches on a Great White single with Jack Russell and the boys this week. Should be out on the net soon…

Just mixed the new album from Blowfuse. The EP was mastered at Oasis Mastering by Gene “The Machine” Grimaldi. Hard hitting punk rock from Barcelona, Spain. If you long for the old Epitaph punk sound and style, look no further.

Getting ready to mix the new album from Blowfuse from Barcelona, Spain.

Nice working again with producer Ronnie King (Offspring, Joykiller) and also Mike Pinera (Iron Butterfly).


In La Gaude, France with Don Dokken doing some pro production recording and eating a lot of great food…

Doing some work with Jack Russell’s Great White. They have some great new songs and Jack’s got the voice, if you’re a fan you definitely want to check out their next record.

Working with Iron Butterfly/Blues Image/Alice Cooper alumn, guitarist Mike Pinera.

Much thanks goes out to Paul Jr and Rich P over at Rivera for loaning me a killer 2×12 cab and a RockCrusher! Can’t wait to try the stuff out tomorrow with Mike Clark (yes, the Suicidal Tendencies Mike Clark).

Chaos Delivery Machine is mixed and just mastered today at Oasis Mastering by Gene Grimaldi. Sounding good Gene! Features Justin Thirsk and Jason Page of 98mute and Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise.

April/May have been busy. Doing pre production with Dokken, tracking local singer-songwriter Andrew Oliver, starting some new tunes with Mike Clark (Suicidal Tendencies) for the new Waking The Dead album, some mixing here and there

and ….

Mo’ Punch Studio Upgrade! New Pro Tools system for Mo Punch studio. Get ready for projects to sound even better.


Contortion getting good reviews. Here’s one from

“Contortion : “Self Titled” Thrash Death Hardcore Metal CD 2014. The Aim of the band it to bring new fresh air into the metal scene. while listening to the songs I couldn’t get my head of those 90’s bands such as Pantera, Machine Head , a bit of Testament , and the recent with one song having clean vocals FFDP . The singer guitarist is most of the time ripping his throat which is not easy while playing the guitar. Heavy attack riff that kills and punching right in your face lyrics. A band for sure that have lots of anger to deliver and hits the scene like it was before. Sometimes mixing those trashy riff with hardcore moshing broken tempos. It won’t let you breath and smash you down. Next time you see them around go to their show you’ll be served for Metal!!!”

Just returned from a trip to Italy and finished up the new Contortion CD last week. If you like metal in the vein of Archenemy and Slipknot, check this one out. These guys already won a Coachella Valley Music Award for Best Metal Band and have really stepped up their game with the new release. Check out their page at

A lot of mixing in January including Irie Junction of Idio, CA as well as Hawaiian and Costa Rican artists. Some great tracks provided by producer extrordinaire Ronnie King.

Getting ready to start a record with metal band Contortion, very heavy stuff.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the dozens of artists that made 2013 great. Looking to really ramp it up for 2014, getting into different stuff, stay tuned… Happy New Year and may everyone from 2014 to be a great year!

Mixing a track for australian artist Vince Gelonese.  Watch for him to make a big splash soon.

A little bit of tracking with Don Dokken for a new project at his place.

Also cutting new material with Mike Clark formerly of ST.  Aggressive stuff, for those who like it heavy.

Finished tracking with Core 10 at Mo’ Punch Studio. First song Act Of Valor already mixed, an aggressive track for the troops!

Blowfuse from Barcelona, Spain is on the move again, touring Spain, Portugal.

Lots of mixing going on, and just tracked some Core 10 guitars up in Palm Desert at Ronnie King’s Chateau Relaxo Studio.

Finishing up filming for Mouth Full Of War this weekend. Video by M.A.C. productions = Alan Banks and Darian Rundall.

Recorded hardcore band Core 10 with producer Ronnie King at Screaming Leopard Studios, productive day!

Tracking reggae with my friend Daniel Lopilato. Good stuff coming from this project… stay tuned…

Recording vocals with Don Dokken and Mark Boals for a song from german artist Michael Voss.

What’s it like to share the stage with an international legend every
night? Tracy G can tell you, he was the gunslinger for Ronnie James Dio for 6 years. Great stories, so much so we had to break it into 2 parts!
Of Muse And Men Episode 13 Part 1

Props to Blowfuse for finishing their video for House of Laughter. Check it out on their site link below.

Blowfuse also adds Europe, Spain, Portugal  tour 2013.

Congrats to our boy Stone of Contortion for landing an interview with SoundCrave Magazine.

Congrats and good luck to Jerry and Bloody Phoenix on their Death Trails Euro tour 2013.


Currently working with:


Core 10

Mouth Full of War

The Ride


Recently finished projects:

Phenagen (France)

Pipes and Pints (Prague, czech republic)


Blowfuse (Barcelona, Spain)


Dokken/Schenker project (tentative)

Hit Play! (FL)

Bloody Phoenix


Attika 7




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2 thoughts on “News from Producer Engineer Darian Rundall

  1. Davida Patrick Moore

    Hey Darian, In the last couple weeks I’ve been hammerin’ the computer putting together the premier re-launch issue of ShadowWorld Magazine. Am touching base just to let you know. Have heard your name in more than a few conversations and it’s good to see you’re still at your passion. All the best, Davida


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