• Try to get some rest before you record. If you’re tired, your voice will show it.
  • Have plenty of water on hand. I’ve been told room temperature water is best, as cold constricts your vocal chords. Hot tea is even better. In the studio many people use Throat Coat tea which you can find in most health stores and occasionally drug stores like CVS.
  • Listen to how your voice sounds in the control room. If it sounds small and thin, you might be able to get closer to the microphone. If it’s too low and thick sounding you might be too close. Always use a pop screen when possible and you and the engineer can use that as a measure when you find where you’re supposed to be.
  • Unless your voice blows out, do another take if you think you sang a part badly. You’ll never improve if you have someone just autotune all your stuff (disregard this if your name is TPain).
  • Don’t be afraid or ashamed of taking lessons! Try to get a referral for the style you sing. If you’re doing death metal, an opera singer is not for you. Also if you sing like Jewel there’s no point in going to Melissa Cross to learn how to scream (or fake scream, whatever).
  • Give it 100%. I’d rather here you a little off but putting all you got into it than if you were to sing an uninteresting, careful track. Remember, it’s the notes AND the emotion of the vocal that connects with people.
  • If you have time, get with the engineer and try out a couple of mics to find the one that suits your voice best. Everyone’s voice is different. After a few sessions you will be able to walk into a new session and say “I like to use an 87″ or whatever.
  • NEVER blow into the mic or cough directly into it. You can damage the diaphram. If you think there is something on the mic alert the engineer. If you see him using compressed air to clean the mic, get another engineer ;-)
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!!!


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